CBE-Beta1-1/2 FeatureFreeze
Geschrieben von Phil_K   
Montag, 9. Januar 2006
Actually CBE-Beta1-1/2 has come to a "Feature Freeze" which means there will be no new feature added to this package of hacks. One reason for it is that my goal was not to create a third track even if there are more than one way to reach a goal everytime.

So what can you expect from this site related to CBE-Beta1-1/2 in the future?

Natually there will be bugfixes to have this piece of code work on the systems it's meant for without trouble but for new features you will have to stay with the newer versions of CB ( www.joomlapolis.com ) or CBE ( www.mambome.com ) as both nextGeneration Versions are based upon newer code.

Related to CBE-Beta1-1/2 there is a documemtation in the process of creation which will lead you through configuration and will provide an appendix to guide you through upgrades to the prefered newer version you choose. Related to that by time there will be Plugins for both worlds to make this an easier task, but expect CBE-Beta2 one to come out earlier as that code is more familiar to me.

Oh, just for the case one of you haven't read the ReadMe or misinterpreted it in any way. This piece of code is a hack and feature collection which is based upon the code of CBE-Beta1 done by MrJeff over at mambome. Following this that code is based upon an early version of CB done by the folks aroud MamboJoe/JoomlaJoe at joomlapolis.

Without them this would not habe been possible and they have done and do a great job for the Joomla Community.


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