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CBE Beta1 1/2 Changelog Print E-mail
Written by Phil_K   
Tuesday, 12 September 2006
This page is permanently updated to cover all changes in the version tree.

  • Tab-Indexing changed
  • AcctExp Integration redone
  • Container-Tabs ( Nest-Tabs ) integrated
    • Custom Nest-Tabs can be moved in ordering
    • "Profil"-Nest at first place is standard
  • Fieldlist can be sorted by Tabs for better overview
  • usersList in List-management can be copied
  • Zoom Tab reworked and feature added
  • Zoom-MP3-Tab added
  • PageNav Links register_globals=off compatible
  • userAvatar register_global=off compatible
  • Avatar upload r_g compatible
  • guestbook / comments / journal / testims -> r_g compatible
  • ReadOnly checks in Edit-Mode enhanced
  • Articles now contain ItemID
  • Subscription on JoomlaBoard Forum Tab enhanced
  • Forum-Tab now uses ACL check
  • CBE-TopMostUser frame done
  • Calculation of users age enhanced
  • new Field-Type: Numeric-Integer
  • new Field-Type: Numeric-Float
  • added input checks for new field types
  • added JS Check for max length of TextArea Fields
  • usersList: features Gallery style userlist if only one coloumn is activated
  • _UE_Tabtitel now shown in Edit-Mode on Enhanced-Tabs if fields are asigned to them
  • Usertype can be selected as field for display in usersList
  • Switch JavaScript-AvatarDelete ( with JS / without JS ) added
  • Enhanced Security of Confirmation-Code
    • added Check if user is already confirmed
    • added Hash Code to strengthen against BruteForce activations
  • JavaScript in Register and Edit modified
  • MetaTag are now generated on Lists and Profile
  • Site-Title is changed in relation to Lists and Profiles
  • Tab ACL: Conditions
    • Simple, Advanced und ExpertenMode
    • Display of Tabs can be switch Rule based
    • Condition a profile owner has to fullfill to have the tab shown
    • condition a visitor has to fullfill to have the tab shown
      ( Example: visitor is Buddy of Owner? / visitor is over 18? )
  • Support for JiM PMSystem.


  • added catch of more error possibilities on LastVisitor Tab
  • fixed syntax error in english.php
  • fixed ItemID Bug on Zoom Tab
  • added additional Switches to Backend Watermark
    • setable force png conversion
    • setable force up zoom
    • setable canvas color



  • reviewed ItemID handling
  • added compatiblity to joomla user params
  • reviewed Articel Tab
  • fixed display error in Confirm-Resend
  • added clickable headers in CBE user-management
  • fixed bug in LastVisitors showing always "deleted user"
  • added option to deactivate search field in usersList
  • added additional name styles / formats
  • added support for Clexus PMS
  • fixed bug on Avatar Upload notification
  • changed backend, all strings are now language vars, incl. Tools Menu
  • fixed bug in buddy tab preventing display of buddies if usersList profile-link optin was disabled
  • fixed locking bug on groupselection in backend user-profile access
  • added explainations for JoomlaBoard / SimpleBoard
  • reviewed PageNavLinks on Tabs
  • added ACL ability to usersList. These ACL works after and in addition to global setting
  • added upfill of avatars to max. dimension set in backend
  • added zoom of tiny avatars
  • added conversion of all avatar images to png
  • added text print in image to avatar
  • added use of watermark on avatar
  • added display of spacer-fields in frontend. Use of -null-, including minus, will display spacer as rulers

  • Bad Username Feature added; mask out strings of usernames as forbidden
  • Avatar Upload on registration
  • Field Info setable
  • Field Info setable as Overlib or wztooltip
  • Field Info setable as Tag or Info-Symbol
  • Field Mgmt; enhancements in ordering while moving fields between tabs
  • LastVisitors Tab reviewed ( Code )
  • Bad-Word Language Filter, setable for all free user textfields
  • Zodiacs, enhanced handling with empty date
  • SMF Integration Switch (Login)
  • FQ Multicorreos Integration Switch (registration)
  • YaNC Integrations Switch (registration)
  • PopUp for Profiles added, setable for usersList and cbsearch
  • Ajax Feature for checking Usernames  (realtime, button)
  • Approval changed, users to approve get blocked in joomla core
  • Article Tab; Articles with publish date in future are not shown anymore
  • Zoom Tab; detects media types
  • Zoom Tab; zoomplayer playable audio media is played in popUp
  • User Mgmt; added resend of confirm mails
  • Tab Mgmt; enhanced ACLs. Tabs can be set accessible for different groups based on groupid
    (heredity between groups)
    enhanced-parameters still in function


  • fixed bug in pic2pic script, used no #__ syntax (line360, comprofiler.html.php)
  • corrected a glitch while processing deletion of avatar
  • changed use of variable scope on GroupJive Tab

  • added isModerator Check to JoomlaBoard/SimpleBoard ForumRank checks
  • fixed override of required fields related to person name fields
  • fixed buddy status check, was still using UNION syntax
  • fixed cbsearch bug which occoured if a singlecheckbox field is bevor some other field
  • "ANY" in cbsearch moved to language files
  • made CBE myPMS-enhanced 1.3.1 compatible
  • added display of Usertype as Userstatus to profile view ( Backend-Switch )
  • added search switch to have start-age bei -1 to catch in a more common style
  • added mail notify for admins on profile edit
  • fixed left-over avatar-file if postfix of uploaded file was different from old avatar
  • reviewed coe for use of Itemid
  • added coloum shape to multicheckbox / radio button fields on frontend
  • added [REG-IP] [REG-IP-DNS] Placeholders for Mails
  • added backend upload/delete avatar option to user-edit
  • added switch to make a field active / unactive for cbsearch by using field-edit; no
  • need to sync table anymore


  • added additional username / password length options
  • corrected removeField function to purge values too
  • checked prechecks on tools option to prevent double insertion of fields / values
  • fixed edit "read-only" fields on registration
  • added LastVisitor related table-create and migration check to install.*.php file
  • activated unregister function with notify mail and datadump [FULLDUMP]
  • fixed zoom-tab number of images limiter
  • changed zoom-tab image-name wordwrap to 14 chars instead of 8. fits well with image dimension 100x100
  • changed enhanced_css.css for zoom-tab font size ( extra-small )
  • added germani.php & germanf.php language files. Keep in mind they are simple copies of german.php
  • added extra switch in list-edit to have only users who are online counted
  • added config Option to "Registration" for defining RegExp in Backend
  • fixed colspan if editorta is displayed without Fieldname
  • fixed hide/publish bug in guestbook.php
  • Check for Moderator GID changed
  • fixed error for zodiacs preventing display of one zodiac if other is empty
  • made zodiac switch work as seperate switches
  • added multiselect & multicheckbox fields to frontend cb-search to be searchable
  • added "Age-Search" to cb-search realted to an entered LastVisitor_Birthday-field
    ( Other fields with type=date are ignored )
  • changed LastVisitor tab completly. It now uses its own table
  • added new function related switches to LastVisitors Backend Tab
  • VisitedCount is only shown to profile owner
  • added switch for displaying field headers
  • changed tools.php to do a table-create and data migration for lastvisitor tab
  • Zoom Tab Limitation adding Nr. of Images / Filter in PictureKeyWord "CBEtab"
  • "Use Limiter" is main-switch
  • added Easy Profile-Link Switch ( Bookmark it ) to "Profile Specials" Backend-Enh.Config-Tab


fixed display of profiles and avatars for moderators without own
  avatar at frontend if pic2pic/pic2profile is used
fixes send report users form error
changed moderate Images to OK-box not selected as default,
  to prevent false mass approval. 
added field output on cbsearch based on ordering
added language style compatiblity to multiselect / multicheckbox values.

fixed a bug in handling of filtermode switching in list-edit view (backend)
  from simple to advanced mode
added ordering to search-manager ( !! see Note !! )
added switch to prevent email-address changes
added AcctExp integration and version preview in backend
added com_securityimages integration for registration and version preview in backend

added direct Guestbook answer link and backend switch to buddylist
added direct PM and direct Guestbook answer link to guestbook plus backend switches
added replace filter for < > in Guestbook entries, they cause text vanishing
added replace filter for < > in Comments entries, they cause text vanishing
fixed sendPM bug for testimonials on notify mails to testimonial writer on publish
added check for config var' inclution in SendPM routine, caused errors if author-notify
  was used on some systems  

added switch to hide field title for "editorta" fields on profile view. editorta can call
  the editor for HTML.
added corrected replacement files in notes/ for use with author-notify feature
!added an example ajax enhanced mod_cbelogin module, be aware of it's
  "always on" effect to users!

tested to work with uddeIM 0.4c
fixed wrong link in profile view which should point to reject buddy invites
fixed send PM on buddy & authors tab with MyPMS-enhanced
fixed sending uid in Systemmessages with uddeIM, CBE now searches for the first uid which is type "Super Administrator" and uses it
fixed css styles for the rating display
fixed button class for the rating display
added moderation task overview to frontend, called by mod_cbelogin or as link
   in menu ( &task=moderator )

added view of List-ID in backend "List Management" for easier selecting if direct
  linking to lists is wanted
added switch to usersList ( Backend ) to hide list selection box
added status field to guestbook table to make it guestbook alterter compatible
added switch to disable/enable notfication PMs on buddy invites
added Avatar-approved check-listfield to backend CBE userlist
added approve avatar switch to backend user-edit ( does not inform user )
added display of avatar if avatar is used to backend user-edit
added cleanup of extended tables on user remove by backend ( Guestbook,
  buddylist, etc )
added mod_cbelogin v2.4plus
added guestbook alert to mod_cbelogin
added moderator alert in icon-mode for Moderators
added iconify display to mod_cbelogin
added switch for button or link display of Login / Logout Buttons

fixed local(e) typing bug in guestbook.php
fixed a number of bugs in testimonials, intserted while bug hunting the last time
added use_locale() Switch to testiminials backend
fixed show-pm-link with Missus on buddy tab
fixed show-pm-link with Missus on authors tab
added handling and addition if &Itemid= to all CBE generated links, so nearly all frontend files and tabs are changed
  ! Please read the notes to that !
added &Itemid= handling to mod_cbelogin
added Option to have mod_cbelogin in horizontal layout ( banner position )
tools option add-zodiacs overworked
code changed for checking zodiac language vars, better for debuging
added switch and function on guestbook to use GlobalConfigs locale()
  settings and use it for timestamps
fixed javascript error in testimonials if other tabs (guestbook,comments)
  are not loaded
fixed bug in buddy notification messages ( index related )
fixed buddy-tab multiple online tagging if buddy is online
added new version of mod_cbelogin (2.33plus), which has buddy tab
  indexing and some display glitches fixed

fixed profileuseronly viewable by admin
added example in this readme how to set tabs to viewable only by profile-owner
added tools menu option to add/purge zodiac fields visibility from comprofiler_fields
changed codelines for datefields to let user enter data !and! use the popup calendar
   ( format is dd mm yyyy, dividers are . and / )

buddy tab problem fixed
changed code in comprofiler.class.php to have datefields with textinput (L971)
fixed reentered bug in forum tab


fixed indexing with nested and without nested tabs
added deaktiviation of tab display if profile is banned
fixed a bug in buddy-tab not showing buddys when index directs another tab to pop-up
added add lastvisitor Tools Option to have LastVisitors work on manual update
fixed bug in upgrade check if installed on existing CBE db-tables
added switch-check to have no zodiac calculation on save-edit if zodiacs are disabled in backend
added switch to deac / act chinese zodiacs
fixed switched disallowing user to write to own guestbook.
added content.php for joomla 1.0.3


added check if a tab has active fields, if not it is not displayed
nested tabs aktiv again. Don't forget to read the notes about enhanced-parameters for tabs !
added UHP integration ( as link )


fixed slipped in typo
fixed "Send PM" link, now not shown to guests anymore
changed all php-short-open-tags to normal tags, hope i got all


added precheck if listID exists to userslist
added check if Registration eMail fields in Backend contain _UE reference to languagefiles
Reg / Pending Mails are now language file enhanced
fixed deactivation of second tab in CB-search
fixed a bug in age calculation comming to live on some systems
changed tools -add-zodiac- a bit
fixed some installer glitches realting to zodiac fields


fixed old searchlist pagination bug, as the fixed file was only published in the forum
fixed bug preventing backend user from editing user-read-only fields, which in some cases deleted the values on
fixed bug preventing "Super Administrator" from adding new users by CBE Backend if username change is
   disallowed-> Super Administrator ( gid=25 ) is allowed to change users username and to create new users by
   CBE Backend
added backend switch to allow / disallow userlist search query (real-)name / surname fields
added possibility to have username / name searched by CB-Search
added webaddress type fields to CB-search
added check if CB-Search Tab Names contain _UE_ style language reference, please see Notes
added range oprion on CB-Search to text fields
fixed "allow sign own" in guestbook, was not checked.
changed javaScript RegEx which tests for allowed characters in username/password
   ( allowed are only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _ and no spaces and no -_ at start and end of username/password )
added buddy popups-msg's to language files.
added zodiac option to fill zodiac field on registration and update based on the birthday ( normal / chinese )
added possibility to have zodiac searched by CB-Search
added automatic switch for simpleboard / joomlaboard recognition in forum-tab
added switch for min / max length of username
added switch for min length of password
added owner-allowed switch to comments-tab
added edit-blog link to blog-tab
updated installer and tools to cover database update for zodiac
added buddy-request notification to mod_cbelogin


added upgrade check if lastvisitors is present as tab
added Missus 1.0 beta2 support in CBE-beta1-1/2 and mod_cbelogin
added backend switch for profile call by username ( &user=name )
added mouseover avatar display on lastvisitors tab
Buddy requests with uddeIM now have clickable link
Buddy request System Message -> text moved to Language Files
tab-switch only to show tab if user has avatar in profile ( enhanced parameters : avatar_only=1 )
Tools insertion of states fixed ( was problem with db prefix other than mos_ )
upgrade install check added to install LastVisitors tab correctly
content.php replacement ( mambo ) fixed to deal with selectable PMSystems


small fixes on lastvisitors


release Version of this "1/2

Based upon Code of CBE -> Based upon code of early version of CB.

You can find the home of the original CB-Team here.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 September 2006 )

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